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UPDATE: Jaws/Deceiver split CS now available!

Hello all,


The Jaws of Life/Deceiver split is now available in the online store. Everything else is on sale, as well. Have a look and pick something up. Help me put out more tapes/book some shows.

 available for stream/dl @



Here is a video of the show I played as Jaws of Life on 4/6/13. I’m first, followed by all of the other awesome bands that played that night. Enjoy, homies. Thanks for watching if you do.

Jaws’s first show on Youtube. Check it out.


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UPDATE: Jaws of Life/Deceiver split

The Jaws/Deceiver tapes are in. The only thing left to do is print inserts. Thanks to Matt for being patient with me. They should be available at the Jaws show this Saturday at Candy’s Magic Pub in Shirley, NY. Will hopefully be up in the PD store soon, as well. Patience, friends.

Thanks for following.


Jaws of Life show rescheduled!

April 6th @ Candy’s pub in Shirley, ny. 7pm. I’m on first, so get there early!

Jaws of Life show cancelled


Just kidding about the show! I am no longer on it. Expect something in April. - nick

Also: Jaws of Life/Deceiver split tape out soon. Expect it end of April or so. Check out Deceiver and his (Matt’s) label:


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Jaws of Life (my noise project)’s first show!


Hey all, some of you already know, but for those who don’t, I make noisey electronic stuff under the name Jaws of Life. I’ll be playing my first live show this coming Friday at Gallery Z in Rocky Point, NY. 421 Suite 1 NYS Route 25A, Rocky Point, NY 11778. If you wanna check out some sounds, head to I will have new tapes made specifically for the show + also (hopefully) a small xerox zine of poetry and pictures. Hope to see you there!!! -nick

After the crash in December, I am finally playing my first show. Come out!

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To whom it may concern,

Jaws of Life had to drop off of the show at Candy’s tonight. I crashed my car on the way there and was forced to drive the wreck back home. “End of an Error,” the tape made for tonight’s show, is currently available for free download on the label’s Bandcamp page. Physical copies will be available whenever I am able to play a first show. If anyone was coming out to see me, I’m sorry. I am just as disappointed as you are. Thanks for following.


Jaws of Life’s first show!


Come out!

Destructasaurus Rex

Sex in HD

The Topshelvers

No Control

The Pink Ponees

Jaws of Life

The Mishap Brigade

at Candy’s Magic Pub. 363 William Floyd Parkway. Shirley, NY

Doors at 7:30//$5 at the door

The event page for Jaws’ first show. The first track of “End of an Error” is up at Hope to see you there.


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In case you all missed the post last night, Jaws of Life is releasing a new tape, “End of an Error,” in commemoration of the first live show. 12/29/12. Here is the first track.


UPDATE: New Jaws of Life tape

Jaws of Life’s first show is on December 29th, nine days from now, at Candy’s Pub in Shirley, NY. In honor of such a personally historic day, Jaws of Life will be issuing a limited C30 for the show entitled “End of an Error.” Leftover copies will go up online in the webstore. I’ll be uploading a track or two on the Bandcamp later on tonight.

My excitement for this show in continually building. I hope to see some of you there, or, if anything, check out the new tracks when I put them up. Thanks for following.